Education System in South Sudan

South Sudan is officially known as the Republic of South Sudan. It is located in east-central Africa, which is bordered by Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Congo, Central African Republic and Sudan. It experiences rainfall with high levels of humidity, which is followed by a dry season. This is similar to equatorial and tropical climate. After South Sudan became a republic, it has made several changes in the country. One of them is the Educational System.

Education system in South Sudan is similar to the educational system of the Republic of Sudan. Primary education consists of 8 years i.e. Grade 1 to Grade 8, followed by 4 years of secondary education for Grade 9 to Grade 12. The students who successfully complete Grade 12 become eligible to apply for bachelor's degree. Many universities, colleges and institutes of higher education across South Sudan offer bachelor's degree programme of 4 years duration after which candidates can chose to study for masters degree and research. The primary language of instruction in academia across South Sudan is English.

There are three ministries in South Sudan to administer education at different levels:
  • Ministry of Youth Sports & Recreation
  • Ministry of General Education and Instruction
  • Ministry of Higher Education, Science & Technology
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